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Josef Hoffman

Josef Hoffman
(1870 - 1956)

A pupil of the great Victorian architect Otto Wagner, he quickly became an interpreter of the latter’s rationalistic architectural theory. At the end of his studies he stayed for a certain period of time in Italy, where he was awarded the Roma Prize. In 1903, together with Koloman Moser, he founded the “Wiener Werkstatte”. The first years of this school were typified by accomplishments in a severe style, almost cubic, also linked, however, to the theories of the group forming around Mackintosh. The indulgence in square shapes very quickly gave rise to Hoffmann being nicknamed “QuadratHoffmann”. The articles of artistic craftmanship and also the designs for some palaces, among others we remember the Stociet Palais in Brussels, were mainly conceived and made for the upper social classes.The commitment of the artist to “Look for ever better materials and arrive at an ever perfect execution” was shown in the fine and light furniture which, in its geometrical and severe lines, was always extremely elegant and refined. The “Wiener Werkstatte” never worried about industrial type production. The articles were created from a strict collaboration between artist and craftsman, unthinkable if it were not for respect towards a high standard of quality. After difficult years the school had to close in 1932. Hoffman designed many famous houses with all the internal furnishings for Kolo Moser, for writer Beer-Hoffmann in Vienna and for painter Ferdinand Hadler in Geneva. Included in the long series of his work we must mention the Austrian pavillion for the Venice Biennal and the one for International Exhibition in Rome.
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Josef Hoffman
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