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All Tekno furniture and accessories are manufactured using meticulously selected materials, the product of cutting-edge technologies and a unique craftsmanship. Our young dynamic, highly specialized staff contribute to our company’s flexibility and continued expansion. The overall structure of our company is a guarantee of the highest standard of quality, acknowledged and appreciated in many countries of the world.

Vittoriano Viganò

Vittoriano Viganò
(1919 - 1996)

Italian architect and urban planner, he is the main exponent of brutal architecture in Italy, his manifesto is exhibited by the Marchiondi Institute in Milano (1953-57). Among his works are the cinema theatres Dal Verme and Cavour (Milano 1947 and 1963), the town houses in QT8 suburb (Milano 1948), the sports centre in Salsomaggiore (1948-49), the Del Fiore and Apollinare galleries (Milano 1953 e 1955), La Scala house for Andrè Bloc (Pavese sul Garda 1957-58), the Cartiera Sterzi paper mill (Varese 1958), the dye factory Attiva a Novi Ligure (1965), the staircase of honour at the XIV Triennale di Milano, the development and restructuring of the Politecnico university of architecture in Milano (1974-85), the nature-sea environment complex in Rimini Bellaria (1978-86). Viganò also designed some furniture items such as the 952 sofa. TEKNO S.r.l. was chosen for its exclusive production and along with the strong cooperation of the architect they developed its present version, exhibited at the 1995 Triennale di Milano in a retrospective show dedicated to the architect and later on advertised in trade magazines and books. It’s a sofa that functions as a bed with a tubular frame connected to a metallic plate that allows the back to glide and block. Always upholstered only in wool, in black for the back and various colour for the seat.
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